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The secret weapon to your success:
strong marketing partners

Not all marketing agencies understand business and not all businesses understand marketing.

You likely ended up here because finding the right marketing agency has been difficult and time-consuming.

If you are like other business owners, you have multiple tabs open, each with a different agency.

After spending hours interviewing them, you realize that you have no idea if they can deliver on your project. So you decide to trust your gut with who made the best pitch, and you may end up choosing a partner that doesn’t perform.

This is why I’ve made my service simple and easy to use. Helping you find the right partners to help your business grow.

Not only that, it will save you time, money and stress.

Getting started is easy

Book a free 30-60
minute consultation

Establish business
goals and objectives

Receive strategy proposals
from the select partner(s)

Start the project,
if desired.

Given the amount of time, I save my customers. I charge a nominal one-time fee for my services. The nominal fee is possible because the providers pay me a finder’s fee from their lead generation budgets.

The vetting process

Vetting agencies is hard. After vetting hundreds of agencies and contractors, you might be curious how the process works. 

Comparison table of
marketing broker vs DIY

Marketing Broker You
Web searching Upwork or Fiverr Platforms Referrals
Time spent searching for agencies online 30 minute meeting 5+ hours 30 minutes 5-10+ hours
Number of agencies you need to meet/review < 4 agencies 15+ 20+ 10+
Hours spent meeting agencies 1-6 hours 20+ hours 20+ hours 15+ hours
Direct line to agency CEO/Directors Yes 20 20 20
Have work with the agencies before Yes Rarely Rarely Rarely
Total number of hours < 7 hours 25-30+ hours Rarely Rarely
Direct line to agency CEO/Directors Yes 20+ hours 20+ hours 25+ hours

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