Connecting you to marketing agency partners that perform.

Great marketing agencies and contractors are rare

You may ask if my agencies are any good?

“Hi CJAM, I’d like to connect with you to see if I can become an agency performance partner.”

I’ve received hundreds of these requests from agencies and I meet with almost all of them.

You may ask, why do you continue to meet with potential partners if you already have a strong network?

The answer is because my service only works when I have the best agency performance partners to match my customers with.

It takes about 15-20 interviews before I find a partner that I add to my network.

What this means for you is that the agencies I introduce you to are the best I’ve come across. Because frankly, no one has the time to interview 15-20 agencies let alone hundreds of different partners.

Let’s dive into where my agencies are from and what services they offer.

Our partner agencies
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Our partners
work with

The agencies I partner with work with small to enterprise level businesses. So no
matter what your business size and your goals are, my partners can help.

Large Companies

Small Businesses


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