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In a fast-changing world, it can be hard to pinpoint the right marketing strategies for your business. 

Make the right choices and you can catapult your company to new heights of success. Make the wrong ones and you can end up going backwards.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a marketing partner perfectly aligned with your vision. That way, you slash the risk and multiply the upside (exponentially.)

But with so many marketing agencies vying for your business, how do you find the one that’s exactly right for you? How can you avoid:

Wasting valuable time sifting through long lists of agencies


Investing money and effort with no guarantee of the outcome

Software Integration and Optimization

Wondering if you’ve made the wrong pick and doomed your business

Those are all valid concerns…but fortunately, there’s an easy solution. All you need to do is work with CJAM.

The ‘Done For You’ Marketing Solution

As a professional marketing broker, I can take all those worries off your hands. Because I’ve done all the hard work for you.

I’ve curated a shortlist of the top marketing agencies in the business. To get on the list, agencies must pass tough selection criteria that weed out the wheat from the chaff. 

The ones that make the final list are the cream of the crop. They’ve proved themselves adept at creating and executing marketing strategies that deliver outstanding results. 

Consequently, I am uniquely positioned to match you with the perfect marketing partner. I can help you cut out the confusion and overwhelm, so you get the help you need without the drama.

And that’s important, because there are many things that can go wrong…

Making the Wrong Choice Has Serious Consequences

Picking a marketing partner is a strategic decision that’s hard to reverse. An agency may look impressive at first glance, with a flashy website and a persuasive sales executive.

But when you look under the hood, you may find trouble brewing:



Many agencies do not have the breadth and depth of expertise needed to perform effectively.

Lack of resources

Lack of Resources

Smaller teams may not have access to the human and technical resources needed to succeed.

A Weak Team

It’s common for experience to spread thinly, with junior executives juggling senior responsibilities.

Any of these issues can cause real problems. Add them together and performance is seriously compromised.

Thumbs Up Success

Hand-Picked for Success

Choosing the right marketing partner is no easy task. That’s why I’m so careful with my selection, picking a small group of agencies from the 800 I’ve vetted. 

I’ve personally interviewed their executives so you don’t have to. I’ve also researched their backgrounds and work history.

The result is a short but highly-prized roster of the best in the business. Here you’ll find agencies capable of delivering 360-degree marketing strategies with ease.

Each has in-depth knowledge in their area of expertise, allowing them to create custom roadmaps based on customer-driven marketing strategies.  

A Wealth of Expertise

I can match you with a carefully-selected marketing partner who can help with: 

strategic email marketing

Strategic Email Marketing

Helping you derive maximum value from your customer list.

Data-driven SEO

Bringing you bottom-of-the funnel prospects in volume.

Paid Ads

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, LinkedIn Ads.

content writing

Content Writing

Communicating your core messages to audiences everywhere.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Creating joint ventures that bring a steady stream of customers.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the world’s most popular platforms with effective ad campaigns.

public relations

Public Relations

PR campaigns to build your brand.

cold email marketing

Cold Email Marketing

Get into your ideal customers inboxes.

Cold Linkedin Campaigns

Build your audience and funnels on Linkedin.

hubspot integrations

HubSpot Integration

Making the most of the power of today’s CRM technology.

seo link building

SEO Link Building

Build your backlink strategy with our partners.

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What Others Say

Marc Ensign

It was clear right out of the gate that Bee knew his stuff. I sought out his help in finding the perfect SEO and website design agency. Working with Bee, I was given about 5 highly-qualified companies, all of which were a great fit. He made the process incredibly easy and I have every intention of working with him again.

Elena Buetler

We were looking for some reliable marketing experts. Bee really took the time to understand what we were looking for. He pointed out some things we hadn’t even thought of and helped us see where we had gone wrong before. We started with one of Bee’s recommendations and it went so well, we came back for more.

Carolina Arosa

We were looking for a marketing agency to help us to create our brand identity and launch strategy. Bee took the time to really listen to our needs and we were excited to see how committed he was to finding us the right partner. He sent us a handful of agencies to choose from and we were impressed that they all had the exact level of expertise and caliber we were looking for. As a result, we are now working with an agency that checks all the boxes.

Jaime Kaminski

I held off making a review because I wanted to see the results of the individual I hired after being referred by Behdad. I was not disappointed, their quality of work and professionalism has been a pleasure to work with. Behdad is a Class A referral agent! The organizations and individuals he refers are well vetted by him. It is obvious that thought is put into his clients specific needs before he refers anybody. He is also super easy to deal with and very friendly.

Dan Feeny

Behdad has been involved with me for two projects now (pre-CJAM and now with CJAM) and each time the outcome exceeds my expectations. I highly recommend Behdad/CJAM and would definitely use the service again.

Work With Me

Don’t risk making the wrong choice. Book a call with me to ensure you have the right marketing strategies to succeed.

I’ll discuss your needs with you in confidence, then help you find the agency partner that’s the best fit. You’ll have the opportunity to:


Work with the highest-performing marketing agencies in the world

future growth

Place the future growth of your business in safe hands


Achieve all your business objectives without compromise

To get the ball rolling, book a meeting today. It’s the best way to put your business on the fast track to success

Frequently asked

You can talk to me free of charge. I’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements so I can get the deep understanding needed to make the right recommendations.

As a marketing broker, I can put you in touch with the people who are best able to help you. I will recommend agencies with the necessary experience to develop effective marketing strategies.

Working with a specialist broker like me is the best way to get results fast. I’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and make the right choices for your business.  

Click the link below to book your free discovery call. I look forward to talking with you and helping you set your company on course for greater success.

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