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Many years ago, I went through what you are going through right now. Spending way too much time trying to find the right marketing agency for my business. Let me fill you in,

I started CJAM marketing, doing what many other agencies were doing.

Building websites, running PPC campaigns and supporting customers for SEO.

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All while working a full-time job as a technical business consultant for one of the largest telecom providers in Canada.

Working with over 600+ businesses from small to huge multinational organizations, you could say that my time was limited.

Every time I’d get a customer I’d have to spend 80-100 hours on a project.

There had to be a better way.

I thought since I understand marketing and what is required to do great work, what if I were able to find agencies to do some of my customers’ work?

As I began interviewing agency after agency, two common themes kept coming up.

1. Businesses don’t understand marketing and marketing agencies don’t understand business.

2. Not all marketing agencies produce great work.

I believe that sometimes, you go through life picking up skills until one day you find something you were meant to do.

And I finally found what my skill set allowed me to do: be a marketing broker.

With over 70+ customers ranging from small businesses to multi-million dollar companies and over thirty 5-star reviews,customers have found that my brokering services can find them partners that help move their businesses forward.

I am continuously adding partners to my network that are amazing at what they do, hoping to provide my customers with a one-stop-shop for all their marketing needs.

CJAM’s goal will always be matching business goals to the right marketing partnerships.

Want to know how my service works?

Our matching process has 4 steps.

My Values

Customer Focused

I will always do what’s right for your business. I want your business to grow, so no stones will be left unturned.


Trust is central to everything I do. That’s why I am completely transparent in every aspect of my dealings with both you and my agency network.


I’m here to help you build a better business. That means that I work with you for the entire lifespan of your project to ensure you get the services you deserve.

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