CJAM Marketing bridges the gap between brands and the quality marketing partners they need in order to grow.

Our vetting process uses decades of business and marketing experience to select only the best available marketing agencies. In fact, almost 800 agencies have gone through our vetting process and just 12% of them made the cut.

CJAM Network Partners are selected only if they are an ideal fit for our clients. That means they match the budget, growth level, ambitions, personalities, values, and culture of the brands we pair them with.

In order to hit that mark with consistency, we stay close to our partners every step of the way. When they become part of our vetted network, they receive coaching and support to ensure we can confidently recommend them to the brands that need their services.

This is all done with a single goal in mind:

To save brands time and money by giving them access to
vetted, professional, proven marketing partners.

From our Founder

Hi, Behdad here.

But you can call me Bee. I’m the founder of CJAM Marketing and I personally connect brands to their ideal marketing partner.

If you don’t know me already, you will soon because when you are a CJAM Network Partner, I am by your side to make sure you work with brands that are a perfect fit for your skills and experience.

And if you’re a brand looking for marketing partners that perform, we will get to know each other very well because I’m with you for the whole engagement from search to completion.

I started CJAM because it was taking me too long to find qualified marketing partners for my own business. I became doubly frustrated when my search turned up glossy pitches from agencies with high price tags and disappointing results.

As an engineer for large enterprise businesses, I value efficiency and doing things properly. The traditional method of “Google and pray for a good match” was leading nowhere, costing me time and money that could have been invested in growing my business.

Instead, it was spent on marketers that simply weren’t right for the job.

I was determined to solve this problem.

I used my global understanding of business and marketing to find ways to effectively assess the agencies we needed to hire. This helped me devise a thorough vetting process that cuts through the clutter so that the CJAM Partner Network represents agencies we can recommend with confidence.

The result is a network of 100+ marketing partners that are experts in PPC, Digital Marketing, Design, Development, SEO, Copywriting, and just about anything else a brand needs to round out its marketing or development team.

I am personally present throughout the engagement to ensure that communication flows, the objectives are met, and that the match is working out. Because of this I’ve built life long friendships with my customers who come back to me often for other partner recommendations.

Email me at bjamshidi@cjammarketing.com anytime to learn about how I can help your brand or your agency find the right partners to work with.

Behdad Jamshidi

Want to know how my service works?

Our matching process has 4 steps.

My Values

Radically Transparent

I will always do what’s right for your business. I want your business to grow, so no stones will be left unturned.

Relationships over profit

Trust is central to everything I do. That’s why I am completely transparent in every aspect of my dealings with both you and my agency network.

Do the right thing always

I’m here to help you build a better business. That means that I work with you for the entire lifespan of your project to ensure you get the services you deserve.

Constantly grow and share knowledge

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