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Marketing agencies are everywhere… and many of them aren’t what they seem to be.

The fact is that anyone can call themselves an agency — so how do you know if they have the experience and skills you need to help your business?

That’s why I developed the 16-Point Comprehensive Agency Audit.

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What Others Say

Carolina Arosa

We were looking for a marketing agency to help us to create our brand identity and launch strategy. Bee took the time to really listen to our needs and we were excited to see how committed he was to finding us the right partner. He sent us a handful of agencies to choose from and we were impressed that they all had the exact level of expertise and caliber we were looking for. As a result, we are now working with an agency that checks all the boxes.

Dan Feeny

Behdad has been involved with me for two projects now (pre-CJAM and now with CJAM) and each time the outcome exceeds my expectations. I highly recommend Behdad/CJAM and would definitely use the service again.

Tom Sanderson

Bee is an amazing person and a clever marketer. He helped us find many world class CMO/Marketing Experts candidates. Our final chosen one has worked out really well so far. In just two months, they helped us turn things around. Highly recommended!

Now, finding a marketing agency & can be easy (really!)

Behdad Bee Jamshidi
I’m Bee from CJAM Marketing, and I’ve vetted over 800 agencies to find the best of the best for my network — using a simple, complete list of questions on my interview calls.

This is your easy button to stop hiring agencies that are just”okay” and hire an agency that completely crushes it for your business… so you can scale.

Instead of keeping this secret to myself — I’m giving it to you!

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Every businesses owner must ask these 10 questions when hiring a marketing agency

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