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Who is American Hat Makers?

American Hat Makers has been in business for over 40 years providing top-quality, hand-crafted hats.

The challenge: To grow the business into the high eight figures

American Hat Makers Google ads and website portfolio

American Hat Makers had seemingly plateaued with the tools and agencies they had in place. The team was ready to see real growth in their distribution and bottom line, and they knew this required changing something, but they weren’t sure of their next step.

After trying for months on their own, they put a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and a new agency in place, and again, it didn’t work. American Hat Makers needed marketing leadership and partners who understood the e-comm landscape and how to excel within it.

This is where we came in.

We set them up with a fractional CMO who took over their google ads and provided Conversion Rate Optimization for their website. Then we added an established Amazon marketing agency with over 11 years of experience. Within weeks they saw an increase in sales and were already spending $3000 less per month on ads. This is only the start.

What CJAM's partners

The Fractional CMO provided marketing leadership to guide the business to the next growth stage.

Marketing consulting to determine budget allocation best practices.

Increased sales within the first three weeks saving them $35000 a month

Audited the company’s marketing channels to determine fault lines.

Saved $3000 per month in Amazon marketing ad spend within the first 2 weeks.

Increased sales within the first three weeks.

Customer testimonial

Basically we have been in touch with Behdad for over 8 months, he initially provided a list of some what looked like to be great Agency. We were trying to figure out an internal marketing resource to manage it all. When that fell through, Behdad reached out letting us know he had a fractional CMO that could help us. They came in and now run our Google Ads, CRO and help with marketing strategy. On top of that Behdad introduced us to an Amazon marketing agency as well. I highly recommend Behdad as a Marketing broker and Consultant. We have become good friends.

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