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Make sure your customers can easily find your offer with targeted PPC

Every day, millions of people take to the web and search for information. That’s millions of clicks, millions of ready customers looking to solve their problem and buy from you… If of course, they’re able to successfully find your information online.

That’s the power of intelligent PPC campaigns. Making sure that your ideal customers can easily find your offer and convert on your website.

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Let us audit your campaign

Whether it’s your Google analytics or Facebook ads, we’ll audit your campaigns so you can see what’s working and what needs to be improved.

The best part is you get to keep this crucial insight whether or not you choose to move forward and work with the partner agency. Either way, you get an in-depth look at your performance and feedback on what you should do moving forward.

I’ve personally taken the time to go through a ton of PPC agencies and service providers to pick out the very best in the business. Agencies and service providers who create campaigns that bring your exact target audience to your site.

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I’ve gone through hundreds of PPC service providers and picked partners who are able to audit improve and build custom PPC campaigns that bring customers who are looking for your specific offer.

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Frequently asked questions

It depends on who your target audience is and where they spend their time. If you are looking for business people, Linked In would be a great place to start. Just be careful as it is an expensive platform. 

If you are looking for more millennials and Gen X’s, Facebook and Instagram would be a great platform to target.

If your audience is younger than that, Youtube, Snapchat, and TikTok, would be where you find this audience. 

Things are constantly changing and having the right team and skillset is important for success.

There are many places you can advertise your business online, here is a list below.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube
  • Specialty websites
Note that for most businesses, there are specific websites dedicated to your business vertical.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click Advertising, which is when you pay a platform money for each click that they bring to your website through an ad.

The answer really depends on your business, but for most small businesses a budget of $1000-$2000 dollars a month for ad budget is a good place to start. Some business owners start doing digital advertising themselves as they can start with any amount of money. The issue they typically run into is that because of the small budget, they don’t get enough data and also don’t have the experience of running other campaigns. So typically this ends up wasting a lot of the budget.

For bigger businesses that are able to handle more customers, the budget can increase to 10k+ as long as the cost per acquisition makes sense after the first couple months of testing. Typically, 80% of the budget will then go to the winning ad campaigns, while 20% is kept for testing and finding ways of driving costs down. 

Let's connect and book a meeting

Let’s look into the best marketing solution for you.

let's connect and book a meeting

Let’s look into the best marketing solution for you.

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