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Most people don’t realize this, but they’re sitting on a gold mine. Their email list! With a strategic email marketing approach you can end up saving thousands of advertising dollars and significantly increasing your business revenue.

How to spend less and earn more with email marketing.

Did you know that with strategic email marketing you can earn $36 for every dollar you spend? If you offer your audience real value by crafting targeted campaigns and automations, then you’ll be able to grow your average order value without the additional ad spend.

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There’s a fine line when it comes to email marketing. A precise blend of delivering content to educate and entertain your audience, while promoting a valuable offer in-line with what they’re ultimately searching for.
In order to get this, you’re going to need a qualified email marketing service provider that knows the balance and makes sure you stay out of the spam folder. So that you don’t end up paying to keep customers on your list who aren’t actually converting with you – but still costing you money.
Because growing your email list can either be a struggle, or it can be one of your greatest business assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question is most likely yes. Depending on your business, email marketing can be used to, create a community, increase customer life time value, and drive more sales.

For example, our ecommerce customers are making anywhere from 30-40% of their revenues from email marketing. 


The tools that most people are using these days are Klaviyo, Mailerlite and Mail Chimp.

Depending on your budget and type of businesses you would go with the option that fits.

Email marketing agencies will first start with optimizing your flows. From there, they will then work on create different campaigns based on the data they get from your email list subscribers.

Strong agencies use the data to guide their decisions.

Email marketing is extremely effective, especially when you have the right team working on it. Our agencies know how to get out of the promotion box and into customers’ main inboxes. This allows them for higher click through rates and drives customers back for more.

We are seeing a fifth or more of our customers’ revenues coming from email marketing.

Some ways to grow your subscriber base are:

  • Including an email pop up on your website
  • Running a promotional event
  • Integrating your wifi login system with email marketing
  • Providing a free and unique resource
  • Using ads to drive traffic to your website

It depends on if you are looking for one time services to set up all your email flows or for monthly management as you grow your business.

One-time services can range from $1000 to $10,000+ depending on what you are looking for. If it is just some basic flows it will be on the lower end. If you are looking for many flows, set up, design, content writing, and etc.,you can expect to spend on the higher end.

Monthly services typically start at around $2500,,depending on the number of emails a month and detail in data analytics needed.

let's connect and book a meeting

Let’s look into the best marketing solution for you.

let's connect and book a meeting

Let’s look into the best marketing solution for you.

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