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Your brand is your business’s voice, self-expression, and identity. Make it shine.

What is branding in business?

Branding for business is the symbols, colors, sounds, feelings, voice, and experience that a business puts out into the world. Take 5 seconds to think about your favorite brand. Think about what stands out for you about that brand. The business you chose is likely one that spreads through the communities. As it puts forward one distinct but powerful message out into the world. The key to branding for business is identifying your brand message. Then focusing everything else to amplify this message to your community and the world.

Why is branding important for businesses?

Businesses may start without a brand — but it is when they revisit it and focus on it that the business thrives. When doing branding for business, businesses must develop one distinct message they want their customers to spread. For example, “clothing that helps save the planet”. Everything you do should then build around that message. Done this way, a message can pass from person to person and spread like wildfire.

Our branding services:

Branding strategy session

Branding guideline documents

CPG package


Logo creation

Color & typography selection

Business cards, letterheads, and etc

The Benefits of Branding:

Building trust and loyalty

Clarifying business values

Message and brand consistency

Attracting your ideal clients

Differentiation from competitors

Spreading your message

Frequently asked questions:

Why work with us?

We work with many different branding partners and together there is a wealth of experience. Our goal is to match your budget and vision with the right marketing agency. Below are some numbers on how many projects my agencies have completed.

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