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We’re well past the era of reliance on billboard signs, pamphlets, word-of-mouth and radio or TV adverts to drive traffic to our business. Instead, everything has gone online, and social platforms like Instagram or Facebook are the places to be for putting your products and services in front of the right consumers. A survey from Salesforce says that 85% of consumers are first conducting research online before making an online purchase. Therefore, having a robust digital strategy and online presence is crucial to the success and growth of your business. 

CJAM is your key to success in finding agencies and contractors that understand your industry and can help take your digital strategy to the next level. We’ve vetted hundreds of different partners and professionals to single out the ones best suited to their roles. 

What is Digital Marketing?

A study done by Pew Research Center in 2021 determined that 85% of Americans go online daily, 31% constantly, and 48% several times per day. Marketing is about finding your audience, where they hang out, and putting your product or services in front of them. Well, in today’s world, that means taking your marketing initiatives online. 

Digital marketing has become a bit of a buzzword, but at its roots, it refers to promotional activities executed through digital channels to connect with target audiences and customers. Traditional marketing techniques rely on offline methods like print media or television, whereas digital marketing focuses on the Internet.

For example, some common forms of digital marketing include social media marketing, search engine optimization, content creation, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and many others. Successful brands and businesses understand the importance of leveraging these online platforms to reach and engage with their audiences. In doing so, they tailor content and messaging to attract and build communities with their target demographics.

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Team?

Digital marketing, or rather the internet, is a vast arena where you’ll find brands from all industries battling it out to get more eyes on what they offer. Moreover, the complexities of developing a strategy that will stand out from the rest require various skill sets. You likely need someone competent in social media, website design, branding, and paid media, to name a few. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to consider the resources used to build a digital marketing team as an essential investment in the growth of your business.

How to Build a Digital Marketing Team?

Building an excellent digital marketing team isn’t easy, but it will require in-depth and meticulous research to ensure you hire the right roles and people for those roles. For example, some businesses may hire in-house, whereas others will work with contractors and freelancers. We recommend booking a call with us at CJAM to discuss your business goals so we can connect you with top-notch agencies and partners.

What Roles Are Needed For Your Marketing Team?

Not all digital marketing strategies are alike; your business model and goals will affect the roles you wish to fill. Nonetheless, here are a few more common marketing team members and specialists you’ll want when building a dream digital marketing team.

Digital Marketing Strategist

A digital marketing strategist should be considered the architect of your online strategy. Their primary responsibility is to plan effective digital marketing strategies to help your business reach new customers. A competent strategist will have digital skills in content marketing, social media, SEO, e-commerce, and more. While executing only some of these components, they collaborate closely with your team members to ensure positive results. A data-driven digital strategist ensures that your marketing endeavours are well-informed and backed by consumer and market research. Ultimately, your digital strategist will be at the helm of your ship, making it important to work with someone who knows their stuff.

SEO Specialist

SEO strategists are pivotal to enhancing your business’s online presence. A good SEO strategist deeply understands search engine algorithms and user behaviour, enabling them to craft strategies that improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages like Google. They will conduct keyword research to identify relevant terms and words that your target customers might use when searching for online products or services. With these keywords, they will optimize on-page elements, such as meta tags, headings, and content, ensuring that your website aligns with them and making it more likely to appear in front of those potential customers. Additionally, SEO strategists often play a role in content creation to help build website authority through blogs, guest posting, link building, and even influencer outreach. 

For more tips, check out this article we wrote on finding an SEO expert!

Social Media Manager

An estimated 4.9 billion people use social media from across the world, meaning it’s likely that the audience you’re looking for is lurking somewhere on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, or one of the many popular platforms. A social media manager runs your brand’s pages on these channels, interacts with other users, and develops your content strategy. They’ll oversee overall performance on the different channels, implement digital strategies, identify trends, and coordinate with your other contractors or team members. A good social media manager will be data-driven, using numbers and KPIs to determine the content’s performance and changing strategies when needed to keep your business on track.


A copywriter embodies your brand’s voice, crafting compelling and persuasive content to capture attention and drive desired actions. A good copywriter can take a complex topic or idea and turn it into something easily digestible and engaging to your audience. They will play with tone, style, and your overall messaging to generate words that engage your audience and build interest. This could include product descriptions, social media captions, email campaigns, or the writing on your company’s website. A good copywriter should have a firm grasp of SEO, working with your strategist to ensure the right keywords are being used to help content rank well and get in front of the right eyes. 

Email Marketing Strategist

Although a copywriter will typically have skills in email marketing, depending on your business type, it may be worth opting for a copywriter with a specialization in the field. One study showed that 29% of marketers believed that email is the most effective marketing channel.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are visual storytellers and creatives who transform your business’s ideas and concepts into engaging designs. In a digital marketing team, a graphic designer’s role is to create captivating designs that build your brand’s aesthetic and drive brand recognition. Graphic designers will convey your brand’s message effectively through colour schemes, typography, imagery, and layout. They may be tasked with creating infographics, ads, and email templates to be used with your overall digital marketing strategy.

Paid Media Specialist

PPC, or pay-per-click campaigns, can be one of the drivers of growth for your business, using ads on platforms like Google and Facebook to reach the right people. Therefore, specialists are invaluable as they deeply understand online advertising and crafting ads that reach the right eye. Within their role, PPC experts will work within ad budgets, select keywords, and create ad copy and design while monitoring the campaign’s success.

Marketing Analyst

A strong marketing analyst can bring the expertise needed to get your marketing initiatives off the ground and in front of your target audience. They will have strong analytical skills, helping with data analytics, monitoring market trends, and evaluating the current methods being used by your business. A good analyst will be able to break down complex data into components easily understood by the other members of your team, enabling them to make data-driven decisions based on the findings. The type of analyst needed for your business will depend on your product, services, and goals. For example, you could hire a product marketing, email, or content analyst. 

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a marketing analyst:

  • You are not aware of how your customers are interacting with your ads 
  • Your data is confusing to understand and disorganized 
  • Your campaign performance changed, but you don’t know why
  • You want to run marketing tests but lack the necessary skills to do it  
  • You’re having difficulty allocating your budget and deciding what channels should have increased spending 
  • Your website needs to be updated 

Get Started Building Your Team Today

The list we’ve compiled here of potential roles for your digital marketing team is not exhaustive. Depending on your business model, you may be in search of developers, engineers, or account managers. It can feel overwhelming if you’re in the beginning stages of your team, which is why we recommend booking a free call with CJAM to discuss your business and its goals. We’ve worked with hundreds of agencies and contractors to handpick partners that understand their industry and role. With our cast network, we can pair you with a partner who understands your business’s needs and can help take you to the next level.

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