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You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT by now, and seen the impact generative AI has had across industries, whether it be finance, marketing, B2B, or SaaS. We can confidently tell you it isn’t going anywhere; NLP tools and large language models like ChatGPT are here to stay. 

As business owners, sales professionals, and marketers, we must stay ahead of the curve and find ways to use these tools to our advantage. One way is upgrading your website content for better SEO, structure, and ideas. In this blog, we’ll dive into how businesses are utilizing AI to accomplish these goals and more.

What is Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT?

Alan Turing gives the most iconic definition of artificial intelligence, referring to it as “systems that act like humans.” It describes a field of science deeply involved with computer science, robotics, mathematics, and various other subsets within these fields. 

NLP, or Natural Language Processing, is a branch of AI focusing on human language and empowering computers to understand and communicate through text and speech. ChatGPT, a tool developed by OpenAI, is the most advanced application of NLP that has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT allows people to have human-like conversations with the tool by typing in prompts, questions, and comments. It will also provide answers, drafts, and summaries of these questions and prompts using information published online.

How to Use ChatGPT to Improve Your Content

“How does ChatGPT work?” This a common question being asked by businesses looking to dive into AI and incorporate it into their business. 

The use cases of ChatGPT are continuously evolving as it is rapidly becoming an essential tool for high-level businesses and professionals. Therefore, knowing when to use ChatGPT is important; keep reading to learn 3 ways you can start implementing it into your content creation:

Drafting Content & Creating Outlines

Emails, blog posts, press releases, LinkedIn and other social posts are all vital audience and client-building tasks often performed daily. With that in mind, we have likely all suffered from some writer’s block or had difficulty thinking of the perfect heading to be used on that one blog post.

ChatGPT has got you covered; the AI tool has no trouble helping to structure content, suggest ideas, and tackle that troublesome writer’s block that might be holding you back. For example, I used ChatGPT to help create some headings on a blog post about getting dog hair out of your car. Here are a few of the suggestions it provided:

  • Say Goodbye to Shedding Woes: Effective Strategies for Removing Dog Hair from Your Car
  • Fur-Free Travels: The Ultimate Guide to Removing Dog Hair from Your Car
  • Driving Clean: Expert Tips for Removing Dog Hair from Your Car’s Interior

These are only a few of the 10-title-long list, which took seconds to be generated. Headings are only one of the things this tool can help to structure. Here are some other uses it can perform:

  • Blog post outlines
  • Email drafts 
  • LinkedIn posts
  • SMS 
  • Language Translation
  • To-do lists 

How to Use ChatGPT & AI to Conduct Research

When it comes to research, ChatGPT is a double-edged sword. For example, you might type into ChatGPT, “What are the healthiest breakfast foods in the world.” You will likely come up with a list of answers based on other online articles. 

Therefore, it can be beneficial for learning basic definitions, conducting low-level research, and getting general information. However, the answers are not always 100% accurate, so checking your work and answers afterwards remains important. Nonetheless, it can be a great starting place to learn more about a topic you are interested in.

When to Use ChatGPT for SEO Optimization & Keyword Research

ChatGPT can greatly benefit keyword research, SEO optimization, and creating clusters for future posts. For example, say you wanted to write more about the dog niche. You might consider writing the following questions into ChatGPT:

  • What are some popular blogs on dogs?
  • What are the most popular Reddit threads about dogs and their most popular topics? 
  • Please generate a list of broad keywords relating to dogs and dog hair

From there, you can continue to go deeper into the responses building off the information generated using the tool. Of course, we recommend using your favourite keyword research tool to curate the list further, but ChatGPT is excellent for getting the ball rolling.

3 Drawbacks of Using AI & ChatGPT for Content Creation

The reality is that ChatGPT is still new and needs improvement, meaning until these improvements are made, and if they can be, ChatGPT should not be wholly relied on when generating content for your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you start to incorporate the tool into your processes:

It Lacks the Human Touch

ChatGPT’s grasp of text and language is human-like, but ultimately it is not human. People connect with others, and ChatGPT cannot garner the same engagement and emotional connection that a skilled human writer can. It lacks the depth, emotion, and nuance of human writing. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used but instead used in combination with a human.


ChatGPT gathers information from across the internet when generating the content for its answers. That means it is likely the response you’re getting is from the words of another or closely similar. Returning to the previous point, we don’t recommend pasting the blog by ChatGPT word-for-word but treating it as an idea board and outline that can be modified and improved.

Ethical Considerations

Content manipulation, misinformation, and other ethical dilemmas can present themselves when using AI-generated content. Mitigating these risks should be a priority, fostering a work environment that encourages collaboration between AI developers, content editors, and creators.

Damon from SEO National sums this up nicely with the claim that:

“Ai is like winning the lottery. It’s not a magic lifesaver. It’s an amplifier. If you were lazy and unproductive before it, you won’t get much further with it. It will probably even degrade what little work ethic you had. But, if you were happy and productive before it, it’s an opportunity to be more so after and make a greater impact with your lottery winnings.”

All things considered, ChatGPT remains an incredible tool for entrepreneurs and professionals to start automating more of their business tasks and levelling up their game.

Other AI Tools to Consider Using

ChatGPT may have taken the world by storm, but it isn’t the only hardworking platform out there using generative AI to change the game. Hopefully, you’ve gained a better understanding of how to use ChatGPT, so we’ve put together a list of a few other tools to keep on your radar:

Project Magi, Google’s newest venture, is being developed into their search engine to provide users with a more personalized search experience. The AI-powered feature is said to be more conversational and user-friendly, making it Google’s attempt to remain at the forefront of the search industry.


A rapidly growing rival to ChatGPT, Jasper is an AI copywriting assistant that helps professionals to generate content and copy for their businesses. The tool is excellent at maintaining a consistent tone and writing copy that aligns with your brand’s voice.


You may have already heard of Grammarly before, a popular typing assistant used by many writers to help correct grammar and language, among other things. They have also developed and implemented an AI writing assistant to be used in combination with the services already being offered by the popular tool. 

With so many tools constantly being released, it is only a matter of time before more businesses start adopting them into their processes and benefiting from the service they can provide.

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What’s Next?

Now that you know a little more about personal branding, it’s over to you so that you can put what you’ve learned today into practice. Of course, if you still need some help with developing and implementing your personal brand, we’ve got you covered there, too.

We specialise in helping people just like you to find the perfect agency to help them out, so reach out to us today to find out more. You can also leave a comment to keep the discussion going or follow us on your favorite social networking sites for more. We’ll see you soon!


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