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29% of marketers rate email marketing as the most effective marketing channel. This statistic has reigned true for many years, and many of the largest companies in B2B, SaaS, and B2C invest heavily into their email marketing strategies. Email marketing enables you to personalize messages and start to build connections with your ready to help facilitate the sales cycle and turn them into paying clients. 

If you’re ready to start your email strategy, it may be time to consider conducting a deep dive on your branding, target customers, and connecting with an email marketing specialist that can help take your business to the next level. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that implies sending highly targeted messages, promotional content, and offers to individuals via email. It is one of the most effective ways businesses and entrepreneurs can connect with their audience/customers to grow meaningful relationships and drive brand awareness. Some types of emails might be sent to announce product updates, share newsletters, exclusive offers, event invitations, and numerous other tactics to engage with the recipients. 


Although, sending a powerful email is a calculative process and requires research and time to be successful. For example, an email with the wrong keywords or poor design may end up in someone’s spam folder or gain an unsubscribe from the list. Nonetheless, we have gathered some information on the different types of email strategies commonly used and how you can start crafting your email strategy today!

What is an Email Marketing Specialist?

An email marketing specialist is a professional who specializes in creating, implementing, and tracking email marketing campaigns. A good specialist will be skilled in various tools and softwares used to design, test, and optimize emails when targeting specific audiences and industries. Here are some of the activities they may tackle in their day-to-day role:

  • Creating engaging and compelling content for their emails 
  • Designing templates and emails that catch the attention of their recipients
  • Segmenting email lists 
  • Managing the automation and workflow of your emails 
  • Tracking and analyzing the effectiveness of the emails sent 
  • Proofreading messaging to ensure proper tone of voice and grammar

How to Hire an Email Marketing Specialist?

Hiring an email marketing specialist can make or break the success of your business’s next email marketing campaign. The first step is to define the responsibilities and skills required to perform well in the role. For example, you may search for specialized partners or agencies with specific experience with your target industry. Next, you’ll want to begin shortlisting candidates and reviewing resumes to see if anyone fits the criteria you’ve set out. We recommend asking targeted questions or using practical assignments to evaluate skill and overall company fit during the interview process. 

All of this may sound overwhelming, and even after following her advice above, you can find yourself working with an agency or contractor that performs differently than they promised. This is why CJAM was founded, having vetted hundreds of individual contractors and agencies to determine the one’s best at their job.

Different Types of Email Strategies

The email strategy used by your business will change based on the goals of the campaign and the mission that you’re seeking to accomplish. For example, if you want to draw customers into joining a webinar or product demo, you may opt to send out an email campaign discussing the benefits of the event or product and link it to a registration page. Here are a few of the more popular email strategies being used by all businesses sizes today:

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are generally a part of the onboarding process when connecting customers or clients with your brand. It is meant to set the tone and leave a good impression with the recipient since they’ve likely subscribed to your newsletters, made a purchase, or opted to give out their email in some way. Here are some of the benefits that can come from a well-crafted welcome email: 

  • Offers the chance to introduce your company 
  • Better engagement 
  • Decrease in unsubscribes and spam complaints 
  • Increases customer loyalty

Newsletter Emails

An email newsletter is typically sent out to a list of individuals that have engaged or subscribed to your brand and look to receive an email consistently, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The newsletter generally includes insightful tips and content to provide your readers with value and interact with them in a personalized way. Oftentime, an email newsletter will end with a call-to-action (CTA) encouraging the reader to further engage with the brand, whether it might be reading your latest blog or buying one of your newest products.

Promotional Campaigns

It’s likely that you’ve been at the receiving end of a standard promotional email campaign as many brands send these emails regularly to promote news products, send exclusive offers, and educate readers on upcoming events. These campaigns may be more regular but it’s still equally important to invest time into strategizing and crafting emails that make an impact and drive traffic. Here are some tips for drafting your next campaign:

  • Spend time identifying and getting to know your target audience 
  • Define the campaigns goals, whether it’s to drive website traffic or generate sales
  • Send the email at the best time. For example, an email at 6:00 am in the morning might not perform as well as one sent at 10:00 am
  • Write good copy! Use humor, statistics, or other tactics to get recipients reading!

Seasonal Campaigns

Seasonal campaigns and emails are sent out for special events or holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween. Some ways to take advantage of these holiday seasons is by emailing subscribers with limited-time offers or promotional products that can only be accessed during the holiday season. Starbucks is an excellent example of a large brand that takes advantage of seasonal offers or special days by offering things like free birthday coffee or changing the colour of their cups for Christmas. They can then discuss these changes in their email marketing to keep people engaged and stop by their store for a drink and treat!

Post-Purchase Drip / Abandoned Cart Emails

Post-purchase drip or abandoned cart emails are sent out to remind customers about a purchase they were about to make or thank them for having purchased a product or service from your website or at your physical store. For example, an abandoned cart email might intrigue a buyer to finish their purchase with a discount code or even remind them of the purchase they’d forgotten to finalize. 

Getting these email marketing strategies off the ground is a tricky business, so it is important to partner with copywriters and email marketers who understand your business and how to communicate with your audience. CJAM works with only the best, and after a free call, we can better understand your goals to determine which marketing agencies or partners can help take you to the next level.

Find An Email Marketing Specialist Today

If your business is considering hiring outside marketing services or looking for an email marketing specialist to reach the next level, speak with our team at CJAM Marketing and partner with the right people for your business.

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