How a Fractional CMO Can Benefit Your Business

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Many growing businesses need high-level marketing leadership, but a full-time CMO is out of reach for their budget. In this case, a fractional CMO is an appropriate option to accelerate growth. This innovative, on-demand model allows you to “rent” the skills of an elite marketing executive to take your strategies to the next level.

In this guide, you’ll learn:  

  • What is a fractional CMO and how do they work?
  • Different types of fractional CMOs
  • Major benefits of working with a fractional CMO
  • How to know if you need one 
  • What to look for when hiring
  • Results you can expect 

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer provides strategic marketing guidance on-demand. Unlike a full-time CMO, they usually work remotely, on a flexible, part-time basis across multiple companies. With this model, you can expand capabilities without expanding payroll.

The Different Types of Fractional CMOs

Not all fractional CMOs are created equal. Their expertise can vary significantly depending on your needs. Common types include:

Branding Fractional CMOs

These fractional CMOs are positioning and messaging experts. They help craft and refine your brand story, voice, and visual identity. Branding fractional CMOs overhaul your branding for greater appeal and impact.

Demand Generation Fractional CMOs

Demand generation fractional CMOs focus on architecting data-driven lead generation programs. From SEO to pay-per-click to nurturing campaigns, they optimize activities to boost pipeline.

Growth Fractional CMOs

Growth fractional CMOs analyze conversion paths to pinpoint optimization opportunities. They identify and execute strategies for scaling growth through marketing.

As you search for a fractional CMO, be clear on the area of specialization you need. An expert match drives the best results.

Major Benefits of Working with a Fractional CMO

Hiring a fractional marketing executive offers advantages like:

Cost Savings

You only pay for the hours you need from a fractional CMO. Their fees are based on time invested, rather than a huge full-time salary. So it’s a very cost-effective way to get C-level expertise.

Objective Outside Perspective

A fractional CMO provides an objective outside lens to evaluate your marketing efforts. They identify gaps and opportunities others may have missed.

Specialist-Level Skills

Tapping into a fractional CMO instantly gives you access to specialist-level skills it could take years for an in-house team to develop.


Scale the fractional CMO’s hours up or down based on your evolving needs. Increase their involvement for key initiatives or slow down during quieter periods.


An experienced fractional CMO can quickly assess your marketing and make impactful recommendations. Expect tangible improvements in market penetration right away.

How to Know If You Need a Fractional CMO

When do you need to call in fractional CMO reinforcements? Here are some signs it may be time:

  • Your marketing lacks an overarching strategy and cohesiveness
  • You need specialized expertise to capitalize on new opportunities
  • Your CEO/founder is currently overseeing marketing but needs to focus elsewhere  
  • You want to cost-effectively elevate and expand your marketing impact

If one or more of these resonates, a fractional CMO can fill the gaps.

What to Look for When Hiring a Fractional CMO

Not all fractional CMOs are created equal. When evaluating candidates, here are the most important traits to look for:

Track Record

Your fractional CMO should have an impressive track record successfully developing and executing marketing strategy that results in growth for other companies.

Relevant Industry Expertise

Ideally, choose a fractional CMO who has worked extensively in your specific industry. For example, consumer products and B2B tech have very different dynamics. Experience in your niche allows them to plug in faster.

Analytical Abilities

Today’s CMO must be data-driven. Look for expertise analyzing metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, and campaign ROI. An analytical fractional CMO will base strategies on hard numbers.

Cultural Fit

This fractional CMO will become a key advisor, so ensure your values and personalities align. A culture mismatch can limit effectiveness. 

Bee’s Tip: There are many marketing people disguised as a fractional CMO when they have never actually been in that position before. Make sure to look over linkedin and dig in their history!

Results You Can Expect from the Right Fractional CMO

Once you identify and onboard the perfect fractional marketing executive, what results can you expect? 

While outcomes vary, top fractional CMOs consistently drive significant growth. The right fractional CMO will bring the expertise, focus, and time required to achieve remarkable marketing results. Their guidance can rapidly expand your success.

If your business is considering hiring a fractional CMO, look no further than CJAM Marketing to help you find the right one for your business. Book a call today to get started!

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Behdad Jamshidi
Behdad Jamshidi
Behdad Jamshidi started CJAM Marketing after realizing that most business owners don’t know how to evaluate the value of a marketing agency or assess their own needs. Since every business is different not only in their needs but where they are at in the growth process, it isn’t a one size fits all. In the past 5 years, Behdad (or Bee) has met with and assessed 800+ marketing agencies and vetted them down to a lean 100 preferred partners across all marketing niches. After pairing hundreds of businesses with the right partners, he’s found his skillset lies in the matchmaking process. Featured in MarketWatch, Bloomberg, National Post and the Financial Post, Bee’s unique background in marketing, engineering, consulting, leadership, sales and strategy, has allowed him to serve as the conduit between business owners and the marketing teams they need.
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