What is Strategic Marketing?

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Marketing strategy refers to creating, communicating, and delivering a strategic plan to achieve a defined marketing goal. The purpose is for a business to stand out by capitalizing on its strength. For long-term growth, it’s necessary to create a strategic marketing plan which will bring commercial success.

You’ve likely heard the terms “business strategy” and “marketing strategy” tossed around interchangeably. While both strategies are vital to drive revenue growth, they are not the same. 

Knowing the difference between a marketing strategy and general marketing will help you allocate resources, make more informed decisions, and achieve your business goals.

How Is Strategic Marketing Different From Marketing?

The 3Cs (corporation, customer, and competition) are part of strategic marketing. According to Forbes, top strategic marketers spend most of their time analyzing each of the 3Cs to build an effective market strategy.

The 4Ps (price, product, place, promotion) are essential tools and approaches that marketers utilize to align their marketing operations with company objectives.

What Are the Benefits of Strategic Marketing?

Good strategies provide clarity so that management can make the right business decisions. 

With strategic marketing, Companies can identify their marketing budget, target audience, messaging and track performance.

What Makes A Good Strategic Marketing Plan?

To build a successful strategic marketing plan, you need to understand more than just your market. The key components of a good strategic marketing plan include:

Market research

Conduct market research to understand where the business stands and what customers are looking for.

Understanding the target audience

Market research will help you better understand what the target audience is looking for, what problem they want to solve and their mindset.

Positioning your message

It is about sending the right message and focusing on the brand positioning. To be effective, you need to be clear about the persona so that your brand aligns with the message.

Marketing budget

Based on the business goals, you need to look at your data and audit gaps to set a budget. Once the budget is set, now you can develop a marketing plan.

Implementing and evaluation

Planning, execution and tracking are as important as the marketing strategy and the marketing plan. Ensure you pick the right channels with the right message at the right time.

How Does My Business Benefit From Strategic Marketing?

Your business benefits in many ways when a strategic marketing plan is developed and documented. You can expect to see benefits such as:

Gaining a competitive advantage

The importance of marketing strategy is that it gives you an edge over other existing brands and helps you get a strong footing in the market. Only with a good strategic marketing plan will you establish yourself in a market that is overflowing with brands and products.

Building brand awareness

For a business to be able to sell its product and service, it would first have to build a presence. The customer should be able to recognize the company and that only comes with brand awareness. 

For example, McDonalds is synonymous with fast food and Nike is synonymous with sportswear despite tough competition. Establishing powerful brand recognition is an advantage that comes with strategic marketing.

Improved customer satisfaction

Strategic marketing gives a great insight into customer requirements and allows the business to develop products and services with the right marketing message that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Customer satisfaction fosters loyalty and satisfaction.

How Does a Strategic Marketing Plan Change Depending on the Size of Your Business?

Regardless of size, every company needs a strategic marketing plan – it’s essential! 

However, there are instances in which a business may choose to not pursue a strategic marketing operation. A few common reasons why organizations don’t engage in strategic planning are:

  1. This is not a simple task. The process requires an objective look at your business goals, as well as an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Creating a strategic marketing plan can be labour-intensive. It takes time to execute, track and review the results. However, investing the up front will only set you up for success for the future.
  3. Executing on a marketing strategy may require additional external resources. Hiring a full-service marcom agency can be an effective choice as they can do the heavy lifting for you.

Grow Your Business Through Strategic Marketing

Leveraging strategic marketing not only clarifies and streamlines the decision-making process but also ensures that all efforts are cohesively aimed at achieving the set marketing objectives. Through meticulous planning, execution, and ongoing evaluation, a business can grow to gain a competitive edge, build solid brand recognition, and exceed customer expectations. 

Keep in mind, the essence of strategic marketing lies in its ability to adapt and evolve with business needs and market dynamics, providing a roadmap for sustained commercial success.

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