The 10 Top Organic TikTok Agencies on Google

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The 10 Top Organic TikTok Agencies on Google

TikTok has blown up over the last few years as a major platform for brands to connect with their audiences and it’s not just GenZ anymore. But getting traction organically on TikTok isn’t easy without the right strategy and skills. Partnering with a solid TikTok marketing agency can give your brand that extra boost it needs to grow. 

Unfortunately, finding strong TikTok agencies is hard, because there are a lot that just do average work. 

In this post, we’ll look at ten of the best organic TikTok agencies to consider for your next campaign based on Google Searches.

What Should You Look for in a Good Organic TikTok Agency?

You may be wondering, what you look for when vetting TikTok marketing agencies? Here are some key factors that set the top agencies apart:

  • A track record of growing real brands organically on TikTok
  • Creative strategists who understand TikTok audiences, you want someone in the weeds
  • Innovative organic tactics beyond just using trends.
  • They need to understand how to make viral videos
  • Experience optimizing TikTok profiles and leveraging analytics for insight. If they can’t show you – run away.
  • Extremely strong creators and editors to produce scroll-stopping video content
  • Works together seamlessly with your in-house team
  • Customized reporting and analytics to showcase campaign results

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From an outside perspective. The agencies below check these boxes and more. They offer end-to-end organic TikTok services tailored to help brands of all sizes find real growth on one of the most competitive social platforms today.

Note that the list below is based on who Google thinks is the best TikTok Agency. And to be honest, google isn’t the best place to find the best agencies, it’s deep within networks.

So if you’d like to work with CJAM Marketing to find you vetted TikTok Agencies you can trust, please reach out. 

One of the stand-out agencies specializing in organic TikTok success is Flighthouse. They’ve run campaigns for major brands like Red Bull, Covergirl, and Chipotle, helping them pull huge engagement through creative organic strategies.

Flighthouse takes an innovative approach to TikTok, going beyond standard posting. Some of their unique organic tactics include TikTok LIVE videos, hashtag challenges, influencer collaborations, and reactive content jumping on viral trends. This creative momentum keeps their clients’ profiles energetic and engaging.

Location: Los Angeles

Number of Employees: 11-50

Other Services: Content Production, Account Management, Influencer Campaigns, Brand Integrations, Sound Production

How long in business: 7 years

Obviously has made a name as a leading digital agency through its work with brands like Petco, Knix, and Outdoor Voices. Their expertise now extends to TikTok, where they leverage creative strategies, trends, and analytics to fuel organic growth.

A key advantage of working with Obviously is their emphasis on community building. Their team aims to craft content that starts meaningful conversations and connections for brands on TikTok. 

Location: New York

Number of Employees: 51-200

Other Services: Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Reporting & Analytics, Consulting, Influencer Outreach

How long in business: 10 years

3. Whalar

Whalar is an award-winning social media agency with a dedicated TikTok specialty. They are an official TikTok Marketing Partner, giving them insider expertise on optimizing brands on the platform.

This agency takes an innovative approach focused on leveraging cultural trends and influencer marketing to drive organic TikTok growth for clients like SportChek, Dove, and Universal Music.

Location: New York

Number of Employees: 201-500

Other Services: Advertising, Communications, Public Relations, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Creative

How long in business: 8 years


Audiencly is an innovative social media agency making a name for itself through successful organic campaigns on TikTok. Their expertise includes custom content strategy, influencer collaborations, and performance tracking to grow brands on TikTok.

This agency takes a holistic approach – looking beyond vanity metrics to drive real business impact through TikTok. Their custom organic strategies are designed to build brand awareness, increase site traffic, and boost conversions.

Location: Düsseldorf and London

Number of Employees: 11-50

Other Services: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and User Acquisition

How long in business: 6 years

Digital Brand Architects is an influencer marketing agency under the United Talent Agency (UTA). They leverage their insider media relationships and expertise to secure brand partnerships with mega and micro-influencers across social platforms.

On TikTok specifically, Digital Brand Architects takes an innovative organic approach. They identify rising niche creators that are relevant to each brand. Then they facilitate authentic collaborations that feel organic rather than forced. 

Location: West Hollywood

Number of Employees: 51-200

Other Services: Digital Communications, Digital Marketing, Online Talent Management, Curation Marketing, Content Creation, and Community Management

How long in business: 14 years

Canada-based Viral Nation is a top global agency specializing in organic growth across social media. On TikTok specifically, their core focus is community building through engaging, entertaining content and strategic collaborations. 

Viral Nation promises tangible results, with case studies showing 10x growth in organic reach and engagement. Their custom analytics provide clarity on content performance to inform ongoing optimization.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Number of Employees: 201-500

Other Services:Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Social Analytics, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Ambassador Programs

How long in business: 10 years

The Marketing Arm

The Marketing Arm is an award-winning digital agency under the Omnicom Group umbrella. Their social media expertise includes an impressive track record of organic success on TikTok across industries.

This agency’s approach centers on deep audience insight paired with strategic content creation. Their team excels at discovering cultural trends and viral opportunities tailor-made to authentically position brands.

Location: Dallas

Number of Employees: 501-1,000

Other Services: Promotions, Content, Music, Creative, Video Production

How long in business: 29 years


SociallyIn is a leading TikTok specialist agency helping brands build custom organic strategies on the platform. Their end-to-end services include strategic consulting, content creation, influencer marketing, and performance tracking.

This agency focuses on community engagement above vanity metrics. Their experts take time to understand brand goals and target audiences. Then they develop tailored TikTok plans to organically reach and resonate with that community.

Location: Atlanta

Number of Employees: 51-200

Other Services: Website Development, Brand Development, Creative Campaigns, Graphic Design, Micro-Content, Digital Strategy, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Content Production, Social Media Marketing, Social Paid Advertising

How long in business: 13 years

Village Marketing

Village is an award-winning social-first digital agency focused on Gen Z and Millennials. They leverage TikTok both for client campaigns and as their own brand’s channel, giving them valuable organic expertise.

Village Marketing is strong at developing frameworks brands can model long-term to find organic success on TikTok. They also offer training and recommendations to ensure brands’ in-house teams develop TikTok expertise.

Location: New York

Number of Employees: 51-200

Other Services: Marketing Strategy, Branding, Earned Media, Partnership Marketing, Communication Strategy

10. Incubeta


For brands focused on business impact, Incubeta takes a metrics-driven approach to organic TikTok. Their performance marketing experts help brands set tangible goals and KPIs, then create data-led strategies to achieve them.

Incubeta’s strategic offerings include content creation, SEO optimization, influencer campaigns, and advanced analytics. The team tracks important metrics like engagements, conversions, and ROI to optimize efforts and prove TikTok’s value.

Location: London

Number of Employees: 501-1,000

Other Services: Paid Search, Social Advertising, Analytics, Digital Marketing , Creative

How long in business: 13 years

Finding Your Organic TikTok Marketing Partner

Although I haven’t personally vetted the agencies above, they seem to have proven results guiding brands to success on one of social media’s most competitive platforms.

So if you’re ready to hire a TikTok partner, consider a vetted organic agency from CJAM Marketing

We’ve vetted 800+ agencies and work with top-tier organic TikTok partners. Our partners are experts in organic TikTok growth and have proven results. Save time and money by booking a call to be matched with your perfect organic TikTok agency partner today.

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