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In today’s digital landscape, fresh applications flood the App Store daily. From exciting new social media platforms to AI-powered tools and captivating mobile games, these new apps grab users’ attention and rake in billions of dollars.

If you’re sitting on the next big application, the first step to realizing your goal is partnering with a top-notch mobile app development agency capable of bringing it to life. The mobile app landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, meaning finding an agency that stands out from the crowd and can ideate properly on your vision is not always an easy task. 

What is a Mobile App Development Agency?

A mobile app development agency typically houses a team of skilled designers, engineers, and developers who can transform ideas into fully functional mobile applications. In doing so, they can help business owners to launch the app across various platforms.

Different Services of Mobile App Agency

In choosing a mobile app agency, make sure to look for the types of platforms that they support and will use to develop your application. For example, at CJAM, we typically vet and work with agencies and contractors that support the following services:

  • WordPress & Shopify Web Development
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • User Experience Design
  • IOS & Android App Development

Why Hire a Mobile App Agency?

Hiring a mobile app agency can fast track your progress, while benefiting from the team’s collective genius when it comes to strategy, planning, design, development, and support. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider hiring an agency:

  • Fixed-price contracts and having a clear understanding of the budget required 
  • More flexibility than working with contractors 
  • Better project management
  • Assurance the app will go through vast amounts of testing
  • Increased levels of security 
  • Ongoing support with maintenance and updates

Choosing Between Mobile App Development Agencies

In some cases, you may work with an agency that offers strategy consulting and can help to model your app, but it helps to have a firm grasp on what you hope to accomplish and then effectively communicate this to the agency. If you enter a relationship without a firm understanding of your objectives, you may run the risk of excessive fees and wasted time. to the competitiveness of the mobile app market, and the immense quantity of apps being developed and released each day, it should come as no surprise that many development agencies exist, some good, and others not so good. The goal of this article is to help you determine the good from the bad when it comes to landing on an agency that could make a good partner for the creation of your app. Here is a brief list of factors to consider:

Determine Your Goals

Choosing a mobile app development agency typically requires a large investment of time and energy to find the right one. Therefore, the best thing you can do to prepare for collaborating with an agency is to understand your goals and what you hope to achieve from the relationship.

Check Their Past Work

One of the first things we advise our clients to do and do ourselves when it comes to vetting an agency, whether for mobile app development or any other marketing function, is to see if they have a portfolio of past work. 

A portfolio acts as a track record for an agency’s success, showing in detailed steps how they could help other businesses meet their goals and overcome any challenges along the way. Company websites and other platforms like Behance or GitHub can be a great place to go when checking out the work of a potential hire. Nevertheless, here are a few tips to follow when evaluating a portfolio and some of the things to look out for:

  • Look for a story: Does their portfolio follow a story detailing the product or app’s creation, strategizing, and finalized look?
  • Details: Are the portfolio projects outlined in great detail, highlighting key figures and metrics, or are they simple and lack any in-depth analysis 
  • Success: How was the project or app creation successful? How did they choose to measure success, and where did it land?


When evaluating a partner for your mobile app development, look for an agency that provides testimonials from past projects with clients. These valuable accounts can help showcase the capabilities and skills of the agency. A positive sign is when an agency has collaborated with a client several times, consistently delivering high-quality work. 

Testimonials are best paired with a detailed description of the project, giving you more insights into the duty that was required of them and how it was successfully completed. If you want to take it one step further, consider connecting with some of these clients through LinkedIn, Email, or another platform to discuss their experiences having worked with the agency.


Effective communication is one of, if not the most important, aspect of a successful relationship when collaborating with an agency. You want to work with a mobile app development agency that informs you of the successes and challenges they might face while creating the app. 

Look for an agency that gives proactive updates and suggestions of ways the app can be improved, showing they are dedicated to the success of your app. An agency that needs more solid communication is more likely to fall short of your expectations and deliver a project that doesn’t meet the parameters of your goal. To gauge their level of communication, consider observing the responsiveness of their emails and text messages and their website and promotional materials.

An agency with good communication skills will be evident from their website and the ease with which you can find what you are looking for and understand their support. The same metrics can be applied to the promotional materials to boost their business and services. 

Choose an agency that excels in communication, as it is the key to unlocking your app’s full potential and establishing a productive partnership.

Evaluate App Support & Maintenance Service

Simply releasing your app to the public does not mean you’re finished. An app is an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement and adaptation to meet customer and user needs. As your app evolves, it must go through changes and enhancements based on user feedback or any bugs that may be discovered. With that in mind, finding a reputable and good app development agency will mean they support you during the complete lifecycle of the app. They may offer levels of ongoing support to help meet your app’s needs and ensure that it grows with you. 

Some important services may include:

  • Regular updates 
  • Bug fixes
  • Optimizing the app for performance
  • Compatibility adjustments to work with new devices 
  • Security 
  • Beta testing 

An app development agency will have a team of talented designers, engineers, and developers who can support these processes continuously. Ultimately, it’s important to select an app development agency that values long-term partnerships and will prioritize the ongoing success of your app.

Understand the Agency’s System & Processes

In deciding on a mobile app development agency, you will want to understand the company’s processes and creation process deeply. It’s important to embrace an agency willing to demonstrate full transparency and walk you through its process from ideation to creation. It would be best if you also considered asking questions about the development platforms they use, the size of their team, and any plans they might have for optimizing and enhancing the functionality of your app. 

Whether you choose an agency that focuses on speed or a more traditional and elongated process, ensure they are transparent and clear with their objectives. From there, you can always go back to the basics and spend time customizing the app to suit your current ambitions.

Get Started with CJAM

At CJAM, we understand how demanding it is to effectively vet and partner with an agency that understands your business and its objectives. Too often have companies been left working with an agency that fails to deliver on their promises and jeopardizes the success of what you hope to accomplish. This is precisely why CJAM was founded: to help business owners connect with experts of their craft when it comes to marketing, design, strategy, and development. 

In doing so, I’ve personally vetted hundreds of contractors and agencies, choosing only to partner with the best. Start by booking a free call today so we can learn more about your business and connect you with the right agency for the job.

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