Finding the right TikTok Partners

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Finding the right TikTok Partners

It feels like everyone and anybody is looking at TikTok to build brand awareness and get customers.

I’ve spent the last month or so looking for TikTok Agencies to add to my network and here is what I’ve learned.

Note: If you want to outsource Tiktok properly and long term, you need to know that it is a resource intensive platform.

1. Most agencies are still figuring it out

I love working with a lot of my agencies because they are transparent with me. They let me know what is really going on and a lot of agencies are currently figuring TikTok out. It’s not a cheap platform to create content for and there is a couple ways to go about it. More on this later. Most of my agencies have customers who trust them to try new platforms with them and see what the results are like. Ah how I love good business relationships 🙂

As one of my agencies say, “Bee, no matter what platform it is, we are people who are talking to other people. That’s the basis of it and we just need to align with what people want to see.”

I think there is a lot of truth behind this. Find a partner you trust and test the platform with them.

2. There are three aspects to TikTok: Organic, Infleuncers and TikTok Ads

I have yet to find any agency who does all three parts. Sure, I have agencies that can put it together. Or a combination of a few agencies to cover all parts, but if your looking for someone who has 2+ years experience in this and don’t cost 10k+ a month… good luck!

Side note: If you have found this unicorn DM me :).

Alright back to my point, depending on your business and what you are trying to achieve, will influence what way you go about TikTok.

You may just focus on one or two aspects of this. For example, a small business can focus on getting influencers for their products and UGC content, rather than running their own ads or building the channel organically.

3. TikTok Organic

Few ways to approach this:

  • Do the content yourself, self explanatory
  • Hire an influencer to be the face of the channel and create content for you. – ]
    • Found agencies that help with this recruitment
    • Has onetime costs, plus ongoing costs of the influencer and strategy management.
  • Find a TikTok agency that can get User Generated Content from influencers or people who use your product and then can video edit them to get you content
    • Found agencies that do this as well, pricing is varied.
  • Find agencies that create content for you on a monthly basis and combine that with an agency that will do the posting and management of the platform
    • Combination of two different types of agencies, cost is high 10k+ a month.

4. TikTok influencers

In this model, you basically don’t run your own TikTok Channel, but use other peoples channels to advertise your good. This is probably the most cost effective way to start if you don’t want to spend a ton of time on your own channel. There are agencies that do this work and I think the results they’ve shared are good. Will need to work with them to see how things turn out.

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5. TikTok Ads

This is another area where agencies are stronger in because of the media buying experience

I’ve found one agency though they work with 7-figure ecom brands mostly, they have had some great results here.

The key is having great videos that capture peoples attention and looks like a TikTok video. You can’t take videos from other platforms and try to make it work on TikTok. Also, with TikTok , you need to build way more content and cycle it than you would on platforms like Meta ( Facebook).

At the end of the day, TikTok is still a newish platform for people in the marketing space and businesses are starting to flock to it. Most agencies are still trying to figure it out, even those who are specialized in it. They may all seem like they have the answers but they don’t. I’d recommend just finding a partner that you trust and are willing to test with. Then see where it goes.

As with all marketing, don’t look for the silver bullet but think about how it fits into your over all marketing strategy.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for more TikTok agencies to meet and refer to for my customers, so if you have tested some out and think they have done a great job. Reach out.

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