Evaluating When to Bring in an Outside Marketing Agency or Partner

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Thinking about when to hire a marketing agency or starting with the hiring is an exciting time in the growth of your business and can be a decisive move for reaching the next level.

However, making the right decision and finding partners or an agency with the skill and capabilities to drive your business growth and tackle any of the pain points you might be experiencing is crucial and challenging. In some cases, you may have already hired partners or an agency in the past and had a poor experience, or they may have yet to meet your expectations.

This exact problem led to the founding of CJAM; we have cultivated, partnered with and vetted 636+ of agencies, freelancers, and high-level professionals with the proficiency and skill to bolster your business.

When to Hire a Marketing Agency?

There are typically some tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time to consider bringing in outside marketing help for your company, whether you’re involved in E-commerce, SaaS, B2B, or a different business model.

For example, some roles or skills you may be in search of filling include Marketing Analysts, Content Strategists, or other vital marketing positions. 

Nonetheless, here are some of the signs to watch out for as they may indicate that outside help is a necessary step:

  • Lack of Expertise: If your in-house team needs more marketing expertise to carry out a campaign, it may be time to seek outside help. 
  • Limited Resources: You could be limited in time, money, or people necessary to upgrade your marketing, and hiring outside partners or an agency can provide all these things. 
  • Growth has Slowed: If your business growth has stunted and you’re still trying to figure out why? A marketing agency or expert can help identify pain points and issues that may need solving. 
  • Increased Pressure from Competitors: A marketing agency or outside partners can bring in new perspectives, ideas, and approaches that could be used to outpace your competitors and drive more revenue.
  • Need for Specialization: If you have a specific goal in mind, whether it’s SEO, PPC, or Content strategy, it can be incredibly beneficial to bring in an expert that knows the game and how to play it well.

Understanding Your Companies Position & How Outside Marketing Can Help

If you’re reading this blog, you may already be considering or have hired outside contractors and partners with expertise in marketing to help take your business to the next level.

This is an excellent first step; your business will reap the rewards! 

With that in mind, it can be helpful to understand your company’s positioning and what stage it might be at, making it easier for you or an experienced marketing broker like CJAM to find the right partners. 

Here are some of the common stages you may find your business in and the needs you have when looking for your next partner or agency:

Early & Unfunded

Our first group represents businesses in the early and startup stages; some of the problems they may face include a lack of funding or income to hire an in-house team and, with that, the lack of skill and experience needed to run campaigns and use marketing to its full potential. 

The early stages can be challenging, and many startups battle with indecision, leading to stalled growth or burnout. Hiring outside help or working with a marketing agency can tackle these issues head-on by providing the experience and creativity needed to get back on track.

Early & Funded

On the other side of the coin, some businesses and startups may be in their early stages but are fortunate enough to have strong funding to start investing in different marketing initiatives and campaigns.

That being said, a common theme we’ve noticed amongst these early-stage businesses is poor previous experiences with outside hires or agencies that didn’t deliver on their promises, resulting in wasted funds and a lingering unease about giving it another shot, which can be a significant issue for funded companies that are limited on time and driven by an urgency to produce results and raise funds in the future rounds.

We recommend contacting a marketing broker, like CJAM, as we can find your business the right people through our extensive network of vetted and highly-competent partners to help your business reach its growth goals.


In the expansion stage, many companies are able to grow and reach revenue of 1 to 10 million, an incredible accomplishment! However, they start to plateau, and get stuck trying to move past that threshold. In this case, business owners are encouraged to level up not just their marketing but operations, finance, strategy, and HR within their business. 

Expectations are high, and they are likely looking for specific partners that can develop a deep understanding of their business and lead strong campaigns. We can help with Marketing and find the partners best suited for your needs and business goals.

Large and Exit Companies

Larger companies might be brands like Nike and Balenciaga, who have in-house people but seek outside help to supplement their current teams. It could be with specific projects, like content marketing, SEO, or even managing vendor relationships

Whereas exit companies typically are looking to scale the business for a few years before getting out and selling for a high ticket price, they want people with the experience and expertise to help them grow fast and efficiently. 

Identifying your business stage can be difficult, but it shouldn’t stop you from contacting the right people. If you have further questions, please get in touch with CJAM and speak about your goals and situations with one of our friendly staff.

How to Find a Marketing Agency?

Hiring a marketing agency or outside help is a challenging task as their are many factors to consider when choosing a partner that understands your business and can take it to the next level. 

Here are some things we think are important to consider before starting the hiring process:

  1. Write out your goals: The first step to looking for outside partners is determining the goals of your business or what areas you need to improve for better results. For example, you may need social media management, PPC, or SEO assistance.
  2. Research potential agencies: Once you know your needs, research possible marketing agencies specializing in those areas. Look for agencies with experience in your industry and check their website, portfolio, case studies, and reviews to determine their capabilities and reputation.
  3. Evaluate their approach: Schedule a consultation with the agencies you are interested in and evaluate their marketing approach. For example, ask them how they might approach your current challenges, what strategies they would recommend, and how they would measure success from the results.
  4. Check their track record: Ask for the credentials and experience of their team members working on your account. Ensure they have the expertise, skills, and experience to execute your marketing strategy.
  5. Discuss their fees and contract: Discuss the agency’s fees, contract terms, and any additional costs that may arise. Look carefully over the contract to verify if it has clear expectations, deliverables, timelines, and termination clauses.

Ultimately, hiring the right marketing agency doesn’t happen overnight; it requires careful research, evaluation, and communication. Don’t rush into a partnership, which could lead to more problems than solutions. Instead, take your time, ask the right questions, and choose an agency that is committed and capable of helping you achieve your marketing goals and grow your business.

Why Work With a Marketing Broker?

Working with a marketing broker can be one of the best moves your business can make, as it offers numerous benefits when outsourcing your marketing and locating high-quality partners. An experienced marketing broker knows how to find a marketing agency that will suit your business needs and goals.  

Here are some reasons you might consider working with a marketing broker:

  1. Saves time and effort: A marketing broker will save you the time and effort it takes to vet and find the right marketing agency. A qualified broker, like CJAM, already has a shortlist of competent agencies that match your needs and budget. After vetting 636+, we know what average looks like and we partner with the best.
  2. Access to a vast network of agencies: Marketing brokers usually have an extensive network of agencies they have worked with or have relationships with– they can leverage these connections to find agencies that fit your needs.
  3. Expertise in marketing services: Good marketing brokers can help you identify the most appropriate services for your business. They deeply understand the different marketing sectors and which one may help your business grow. Additionally, they know what the strengths of different agencies are and puzzle together the pieces.
  4. Avoid Ridiculous Fees: A marketing broker like CJAM works with vetted agencies that offer excellent services at a fair price. You won’t need to worry about paying large sums for work that doesn’t reflect the amount.
  5. Ongoing support and management: Some marketing brokers offer continuing support and management services, ensuring the chosen agency delivers the expected results.

Work With an Experienced Broker Today

If your business is considering hiring outside marketing services, look no further than CJAM Marketing to help you find the right partners for your business. 

Having vetted over 625+ agencies and worked with 80+ highly-qualified partners that are experts in their field, we can save your business time and money by booking a call today to get started!

Learn about the best marketing agencies we find.

I vet hundreds of agencies and share which ones are unique and do things well. Plus valuable marketing information. Don’t miss out.

What’s Next?

Now that you know a little more about personal branding, it’s over to you so that you can put what you’ve learned today into practice. Of course, if you still need some help with developing and implementing your personal brand, we’ve got you covered there, too.

We specialise in helping people just like you to find the perfect agency to help them out, so reach out to us today to find out more. You can also leave a comment to keep the discussion going or follow us on your favorite social networking sites for more. We’ll see you soon!


Written By
Behdad Jamshidi
Behdad Jamshidi
Behdad Jamshidi started CJAM Marketing after realizing that most business owners don’t know how to evaluate the value of a marketing agency or assess their own needs. Since every business is different not only in their needs but where they are at in the growth process, it isn’t a one size fits all. In the past 5 years, Behdad (or Bee) has met with and assessed 800+ marketing agencies and vetted them down to a lean 100 preferred partners across all marketing niches. After pairing hundreds of businesses with the right partners, he’s found his skillset lies in the matchmaking process. Featured in MarketWatch, Bloomberg, National Post and the Financial Post, Bee’s unique background in marketing, engineering, consulting, leadership, sales and strategy, has allowed him to serve as the conduit between business owners and the marketing teams they need.
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