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For CMOs & marketing experts who acquire their customers online and want to speed up their digital asset production and reduce production cost by 50%. Our results are guaranteed.

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We produce digital advertising media for all devices, 
publishers and markets.

The factory is a new kind of production house for digital advertising media. Our main business is the production of high-volume digital advertising material for all devices, publishers and markets.

Digital Media Production

A highly specialized production house team that focuses on producing high performing digital marketing campaign assets for any technology in any language with zero lead time.

Bespoke Production Rollout Software

Our tailor-made production software is focused upon efficiently handling large media flights whilst simplifying feedback and sign off loops.

Creative Optimisation

Expect to convey a strong brand message, showcase your products or services in an engaging way, and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

Case Studies


Driving performance

Our effective performance display ads accompany the international growth of DriveNow digitally. With tailor-made banners, we react very fast to seasonal and local requirements of the various European markets.

Travel audience

Reach millions of travellers

As the world’s leading data-driven travel advertising platform. Travel Audience connects advertisers with the largest network of travel publishers. With customized banners. We help Travel Audience market its offerings within their vast network.

AutoEntry by Sage

Perfect frame for great photos

Our campaigns for Huawei smartphones consist of beautiful large format banners with great animations – with the purpose to always communicate the special characteristics of the respective services.


All clients with mid- to high-volume, a complex production-stream, multiple stakeholders and various departments who need to produce dynamic or classic assets would benefit from a partnership with the factory. Expand

Michel Noverraz - Senior Project Manager MIGROS

The quality and initiative of the factory is simply convincing.

Celine Jagisch - Campaign Manager MIGROS

I really appreciate that we now have a unified workflow.

Bojana Taraba - Brand Manager MIGROS

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