ECommerce Logistics For Enterprise Brands

Make logistics your competitive advantage

Optimized logistics that scale with the largest Amazon and omnichannel sellers

MyFBAPrep helps top Amazon sellers, aggregators, and enterprise brands unify and optimize their logistics so they can focus on core strategic initiatives, not boxes.

Working with the Best!


Omni-Channel Prep and
Fulfillment Solutions

Utilize our vast network of warehouses, prep centers, and eCommerce services for all your sales channels.

Marketplace and Amazon FBA Prep

Meticulous FBA prep with decades of experience ensuring merchant goods are seamlessly prepared.

Temperature-Controlled Logistics

Get temperature controlled storage and delivery for your refrigerated and frozen goods to ensure freshness and quality.

Direct to Consumer Fulfillment

Delight your most loyal customers with seamless order fulfillment and perfectly packaged products.

Reverse Logistics

Make your returns process easier for everyone involved with MyFBAPrep.

Case Studies

How Kaspien Balances an Extensive Logistics Network With MyFBAPrep

Kaspien uses MyFBAPrep within their expansive logistics network to handle prep and fulfillment, while staying flexible using our eCommerce services.

How Caveman Foods Found Easy, Cost-Effective Kitting With MyFBAPrep

Caveman Foods saves approximately $500 on each kitting order, plus the time it took them to do it originally. They also enjoy MyFBAPrep’s rapid turnaround time for item prep, which ranges from one to three days.

How Casa Firelli tapped into the MyFBAPrep Network and Expertise to Grow Their Business

Casa Firelli uses MyFBAPrep to handle all of their eCommerce orders, whether it’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) prep and fulfillment with their Shopify store, or FBA prep and delivery into the Amazon FBA network.


I’m working with people at MyFBAPrep who are invested in our success…The advantage of MyFBAPrep is the flexibility I have in working with them to make my own path and figure out what this looks like together. There is no one size fits all.

Chris Farley Pacers Running President

The biggest appealing factor of MyFBAPrep is there’s a lot of flexibility. If something changes in the market, we can work together with the team and address it.

Jeff Bernatz Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

We use MyFBAPrep to fulfill all of our eCommerce orders, whether it’s pack/prep/ship on Shopify or a product we’re selling on Amazon. And we also use the team for helpful advice from time to time.

Matt Herman Casa Firelli Sales Director

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