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MarketMuse is a content strategy and planning platform that sets the standard for content quality. Our patented AI collects and analyzes your website’s content to prioritize your best opportunities based on your authority and difficulty to rank. With MarketMuse, content teams:

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Build authority to own your topic in search

Content audits, competitive analysis, keyword research, link identification – all very time-intensive and manual processes. MarketMuse saves you hours of work by automating those processes and providing personalized metrics that give you a competitive advantage you can’t get anywhere else.

No more cross-checking keyword and topic research with your content audit. Now it’s all in one place. Personalized data leads to better decisions.

Content Planning

It can take days to manually research your content, how it’s performing, what you’re missing and what to prioritize. Create content plans in minutes with page-level, site-level and SERP insights at your fingertips.

Cluster Creation and Analysis

It’s your job to answer search intent and questions your audience asks. Content clusters help ensure you tell the whole story. Own your topic and gain authority by building clusters in minutes with MarketMuse. See what topics to include, their value and insights on your ranking difficulty.

Competitive Content and Analysis

It’s easy to see what competitors include, but hard to spot what they missed. Our topic model reveals gaps to leverage in the SERP. Remove the guesswork on how to structure your content.

Content Optimization

Low-quality and outdated content doesn’t help your audience or your rankings. Speed content creation with MarketMuse AI while making sure you meet quality and comprehensiveness standards.

Case Studies

Inside the Magic added rocket fuel to their content process

For Inside The Magic, the goal was to diversify traffic sources to gain more organic traffic.

To do that, they needed to create more high-quality content. They partnered with MarketMuse to raise the bar on quality and create a formal process for writers to follow.

MarketMuse helped them:

Kasasa scaled content and built topic authority

Scaling content requires many moving parts. If you have inefficient workflows, it’s going to take you even longer to build authority on the topics you care about.

Kasasa turned to MarketMuse to centralize their content strategy, speed up their processes and validate their content plans with data.

IEEE Built an AI-Led Content Strategy

IEEE is the largest non-profit publisher of technical content on electrical engineering. They wanted to leverage that content in ways that intersect with search and create new audiences.

MarketMuse helped them:


MarketMuse Inventory helps us know what's working, what's not, and what we need to dedicate more time and resources to. Having clear metrics to back up why we're prioritizing particular content has been super helpful. It's created additional trust across teams. It's very helpful in prioritizing old content for optimization, as well as evaluating new content before we publish. Basically, every part of the tool I use regularly.

Jonathan Louvis Online Content Marketing Manager

By far the best optimization tool out there. I love getting the range of recommendations - not just which keywords to use, but how often to use them. Combine that with the ability to compare with competitors on the fly, while writing, and it feels like magic.

The inventory tool is a game changer for finding which pieces are "low hanging fruit" or other easy wins for optimization.

Zoe Hawkins Principal Content Manager

While you could slave away for hours conducting keyword research on a free platform such as Google Keyword Planner, we highly recommend MarketMuse.

This platform allows you to analyze specific search items, generate questions and associated keywords that go along with them, and plan precisely how you can outmaneuver your largest competitors.

Andy Crestodina CMO & Co-founder

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