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At Optima Office, we offer accounting and HR services on a part-time or hourly basis, tailored to fit your unique business needs.

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Optimize your company with our team of accounting and HR consultants

Maximize profits, minimize risk and drive enterprise value by allowing us to support you. We are not one-size-fits-all because each situation and organization is unique. We carefully select the right outsourced professional or team with the right industry expertise you need to deliver exceptional results.

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We ensure a partnership that prioritizes your company's growth and profitability, whether we're working alongside you or remotely.

Optima Office has a team of amazing Accounting Specialists and Financial Experts who are ready to jump right in. Optima’s accounting services allow our clients to have peace of mind knowing that everything in their accounting department is being handled by seasoned professionals.

Outsourced Accounting

Optima Office has a team of amazing accounting professionals who can step in at a moment’s notice. Optima’s strategic accounting outsource solutions allow our clients to have peace of mind knowing everything in their accounting department is being handled by seasoned professionals.

Human Resource Services

Recommending and developing HR programs that support the client’s needs and counselling clients regarding compliance, resource planning, training and development, compensation, benefits, and infrastructure.

Recruiting Services

Oversee the client’s recruitment process in its entirety. This includes designing and modifying recruiting procedures, recording recruiting metrics, directing and overseeing the recruiting team, and monitoring the recruiting team’s performance.

Fractional CFOs & Controllers

We believe in the power of strategic financial leadership. Our expert Fractional Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) offer comprehensive oversight of your accounting team, eliminating the need for a full-time, in-house CFO and the associated high costs. With a blend of experience and dedication, our CFOs are primed to enhance your business value.

Case Studies

HMN Systems

When a key CFO left the company, HMN Systems knew they needed to find someone who could step in and help their business grow. They turned to Optima Office, and our Fractional CFO has been an integral part of their team ever since.


GetKion has been working with Optima Office for over a year.  They engaged Optima to help review financials and coaching to growing from a Senior Accountant to a Controller.  


We have been very happy with our engagement with Optima (and more specifically Stacie!). She helped us get all our accounting up to date, helped redo our account structure, and is now helping us learn to do the monthly payroll accruals on our own. Basically, Stacie has almost got us to where we can walk on our own, without help!

Brett Musgrove PrimeCo

ISLE has worked with Optima’s accounting team for over a decade. We consider Optima to be more than just a solid vendor, they are a trusted partner. We have leaned heavily on Optima for a wide variety of needs including entry-level accounting projects, full-service general ledger management, and Fractional CFO talent. The team always makes sure they have a clear understanding of our specific needs for every project/hire to ensure they place the perfect staff member to make sure we meet our accounting/finance objectives. I strongly recommend Optima to anyone in need of contract accounting and financial support. Expand

Steve Mariucci ISLE

Optima Office is very responsive and really paid attention to me, making me feel as though they were an extension of my own office. I truly appreciate the friendly guidance they provide, and they have helped me accomplish goals and identify issues that I wouldn’t have seen without them. Absolutely recommendation worthy!

James Behmke Behmke Innovation Group LLC

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