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Our top 4 products are

Point of Sale Financing

We are experts are structuring the best program based on the industry, ticket size, credit profile, and geographical location. Let us help you determine and set up the best fit for you and/or your clients. (Canada/USA borrowers only)

Credit/Debit Acceptance

Global businesses require a global partner to help facilitate credit and debit transactions for a variety of card issuers. We not only control pricing, we also provide each merchant with a dedicated “in-house” customer service rep so they are not waiting on hold with a call center who has no idea who they are.

Corporate Debt Raising

We have access to both traditional and alternative solutions and out own house underwriters. We have solutions for all credit profiles and industries. The entire process is done virtually. (Canada/USA only)

Foreign Exchange

Most companies use their bank to conduct their foreign exchange trades, not realizing there is a much more affordable option. We have partnered with a credit union to be able to bring our customers instant savings on their every day foreign currency exchange transactions. (USA businesses with no legal presence outside the USA are not eligible currently)

Case Studies

Exponential growth by using financing

We helped a business to significantly increase their monthly sales and be able to provide their services to their clients who didn’t have the cash on hand.

Corporate Debt Restructure

Client was in the forestry industry and doing all their financing through 3rd party leasing companies. They had no true commercial financing program set up as they were always in the bush and did not have the time/knowledge to do so.

Ecom Company Saving Money

An ecom owner reached out as he thought he was paying too much on credit card fees. We did a cost analysis on his current fees vs our option and saved him a lot of money


From the time I started my company building custom tiny houses, the biggest hurdle I faced was financing for custom builds. There were many financial institutions that would finance a tiny house, but it already had to be built. As a small company, the idea of tying up capital to build and stock prebuilt tiny houses is not an option at all, it simply is not feasible. When Dave from Canadian Financial contacted me telling me that they were looking to fill that gap in the industry and provide financing for custom builds, I thought there was a catch, but there was no catch. They saw a gap in the industry, and they filled it. Thanks to Canadian Financial, my company has been able to move forward with financing custom tiny houses for my clients, without the need for tying up my capital, or my client needing to have all the funds for the build up front. This has allowed me greater flexibility in who I can market and sell to, and it has allowed my clients greater flexibility for funding as well. Expand

Cordell Pollock VedaHawk Tiny Homes

Creative, out of the box & Incredible product offerings. They are the most powerful funding resource to any mortgage agent/broker.

Denis Brunet Business Private Lender

Canadian Financial is crucial to my Yacht Brokerage as I sell multi 6 and 7 figure boats and most of them need financing

Rich Panchem Business Lions Gate Yachts

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