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Brands require different levels of marketing as they grow.

CJAM gives your brand access to digital marketing partners that are ideal for where you are, and where you plan to go.

In the beginning, brands need to establish a solid foundation with partners that produce great work and stay on budget.

Their marketing needs expand as the business grows, and so does their need for experienced marketers with proven track records.

The need for high-level agencies and talented marketing people to work in-house only increases as the brand grows its audience, takes on new marketing platforms and starts to look toward an exit strategy.

No matter where your brand is in its development, the hours spent searching for these partners take resources away from business growth.

There aren't many shortcuts in life.
Using a marketing broker is one.

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Marketing Broker You
Web searching Upwork or Fiverr Platforms Referrals
Time spent searching for agencies online 30 minute meeting 10+ hours 2 hours 10+ hours
Chance for successful connection HIGH Very Low Very Low Very Low
Number of agencies you need to meet / per marketing service < 4 agencies 15+ 20+ 10+
Hours spent meeting agencies / per marketing service 1-6 hours 20+ hours 20+ hours 15+ hours
Have worked with the agencies before Yes No No No
Direct line to agency CEO/Directors Yes Rarely Rarely Rarely
Total number of hours < 7 hours 30+ hours 20+ hours 25+ hours

CJAM saves you time and money

Taylor S
E-com Business Owner

After a few calls Bee started making introductions to agency owners who specialized EXACTLY in what I was looking for. Unlike my own efforts, where no one responded to my emails, Bee personally gave me the Founders of these agencies.

Long story short, I began working with 2 of the 5 he introduced me to and plan to work with one more in the new year.

The time he saved me is immeasurable. The people he sent me are super relevant. I simply do not have the network to get these tasks done…he has probably HUNDREDS of people he can intro you to but he takes the time to figure out who would be best.

Taylor S

I have spoken to over to 800 Marketing Agencies,

contractors, and supported even more businesses over the past 10 years. Here is what I’ve learned:

Brands need to align with marketing partners that

Agencies want to work with brands that

Even marketing experts trust us

Srdjan P
Fractional CMO

As a Chief Marketing Officer and eCommerce consultant, I'm primarily focused on helping brands solve complex marketing problems and achieving profitable growth. Quite often I find myself working through resource related problems and helping partners find and vet new agency partners which can be a long and challenging process.

CJAM has completely solved this for me because I know Behdad and his team have done the crucial legwork necessary to identify and recommend winning partners in nearly all areas of marketing. If you're looking for a new agency partner and want to fast track your search, I'd highly recommend chatting with CJAM first.

Jessica Shirra
Fractional CMO

Bee has saved me countless hours and always has great recommendations. I work as a Fractional CMO for multiple companies so I am always looking for various marketing agencies and freelancers. I used to spend hours and hours looking for the right fit. Bee takes time to understand my clients needs and budget, and sends me thoughtfully curated recommendations. On top of it all he is a great person. I would highly recommend Bee to anyone.

Michael Galvin
Ecom Email Agency Founder

I own an email marketing agency that specializes in DTC eCommerce brands. I’ve been using CJAM marketing for over a year now and have supreme confidence in the service he provides.

Finding the right marketing agency is a mission in itself. With CJAM marketing the initial agency interview phase has been completed through a rigorous vetting process. The amount of time and energy this saves you is priceless. Not to mention the expertise that comes with vetting process.

Behdad has successfully helped multiple clients of ours to find the right marketing partners in complimentary fields. If you’re looking for a marketing service provider, do yourself a favor and chat with Behdad at CJAM. You won’t regret it!

With over 800 marketing agencies vetted, I’ve only accepted 100+ digital marketing partners into the network. That is only 12%.

Not only is our vetting process hard to get through, but I am not vetting just any digital marketing agencies.

They are marketing agencies recommended to me within deep marketing agency networks.

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